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When you work with MKC Associates, you will get the confidence and knowledge you require before making one of the largest investments you may ever make! We are committed to helping you become educated about the home or property you may purchase in Quincy MA. We will share our love of what we do with you as we answer your questions and provide all the details you need for your home or building inspection. We are a highly experienced, certified and licensed team of inspectors that work together for your benefit!

Home Inspection

As certified and licensed home inspectors, we invite you to join us for the home inspection so we can share our love of what we do with you! We can explain any findings or areas of concerns during the inspection as well as you will learn more about the home and how it functions. We understand the wide systems and type of homes found in our area. Our inspections include all areas of the home including:

Exterior – gutters, chimney, roof, flashings, grading, foundation, driveways, patios, walkways, garage & more

Interior – all windows, doors, outlets, every room from the basement to the attic, crawlspace

All major appliances –  plus other permanently installed appliances and components

All major systems – plumbing, electric, HVAC

Structure – Foundation, structural framing, floor, walls, ceiling framing, and roof framing

Heating and Air Conditioning – Furnace, boiler, HVAC system, ducts, vents, tanks, fuel supply system, main fuel shutoff

Plumbing – Supply and waste piping, main supply shutoff, drains, traps, vent piping

Electrical – Service entrance cable, meter area, grounding, main disconnect, main and sub panels, GFCI breakers and receptacles, AFCI breakers, switches, exposed branch wiring

There are no areas of the home that will be left unchecked.

After each inspection, you will receive a thorough report that explains our findings. We are available to answer any question you have even after the inspection is complete.

Radon Testing

We provide radon testing for your peace of mind. Radon is an odorless, invisible gas that if present adds to the 20,000 deaths each year from lung cancer. The only wat to determine if it is present is through testing. Using our continuous monitoring machine, we are able to test for radon in the air. If radon is present, we will help with radon mitigation suggestions. Any home, whether new construction or an older home, can have radon present. Call us today to schedule your radon testing for you and your family’s safety.

Commercial Building Inspection

Purchasing a building is a large investment. Our highly experienced inspectors provide a thorough inspection that will usually take between 2 – 4 hours, depending on the size of the building. We invite you to join us for the inspection of your potential investment to learn more about the building. Whether you are purchasing a restaurant, retail store, office building, medical office, industrial property or any other type of commercial building our report will provide an update on the condition of the property. We provide a detailed report that will include all of our findings, areas of concern, and suggestions for repairs.  After you have reviewed the report, we are available to answer any questions.


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